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ABOUT Roger Wood, M.F.T.


I have been in private practice for over twenty five years and am wholely dedicated to providing my clients with the best care possible. In my practice I create a safe place for you to explore past and present issues blocking you from expressing yourself in your relationships and preventing you from accomplishing your goals or even having goals.


I began my career working with adolescents, making home visits in a diversion program where I counseled adolescents and their families for behavior, school, and drug problems. Through these home visits I became acquainted with families of different cultural, social and economic backgrounds, which has given me invaluable insights into how people live their lives.


After working with adolescents for a number of years, I was offered a position working in a chemical dependency program treating adult clients for alcohol and drug addiction. As a result, once again, I

gained invaluable experience and insight working in the field of addiction treatment.


When I felt the time was right, based on the knowledge gained from my experiences, I started my own practice. And now, for over the last twenty five years, I have counseled children, adolescents, and adults privately, and have worked with several hospitals counseling chronically mentally ill patients and geriatric clients.



Therapy Helps

During my time in private practice, I have seen positive changes in clients through the help of therapy.

Presently, I find the main issues I am working with are depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.


In therapy I help you look at present issues as well as past experiences that bear on the present, creating blocks to success in life and in relationships. In my practice I maintain an environment where you are able to explore your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or loss of confidentiality.


I provide a place of mutual respect aimed at helping you reach your goals in life.

Roger Wood, M.F.T.


714 425 4050


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